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A new kind of Library!

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 LIVERPOOL – NEWS FLASH Police in Liverpool have just announced the discovery of an arms cache of: 2000 semi automatic rifles with 250,000 rounds of ammunition,   10 anti-tank missiles,   4 grenade launchers,   20 tonnes of heroin,   £50 million in forged UK banknotes  and 25 trafficked Ukrainian prostitutes  all in a semi-detached house behind the Public Library in Toxteth. Local residents were stunned. 

A community spokesman said: “We’re shocked. We never knew we had a  library!!” 

(With apologies to the good citizens of Liverpool!)




KPMG say bring in volunteers and sack overpaid staff

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The Chartered Institute for Library & Information Professionals (CILIP) have responded to the criticisms in the KPMG report on Libraries by compiling the following:

Why public libraries?

A unique combination of benefits
Public libraries are much more than just a room with books and computers. They:
• Provide public access to the knowledge and information of the world
• Promote reading and literature to all ages and the whole of society
• Enable learning and literacy from cradle to grave
• Serve local people as a community hub to deliver essential services and activities:
1) By providing information for everyday living
2) As a gateway to local events and organisations
3) As a local meeting space and resource centre
4) Through exhibitions, author events and other activities
• Help users find and interpret information through their skilled staff
• Act as a cost-saver for society by combating ignorance, alienation, isolation, division and the lack of aspiration
Not only do libraries make a valuable contribution to our society, they stand for important values in our society including intellectual freedom, equality of opportunity, engaged citizenship, informed democracy, and a society in which people have the chance to achieve their potential.
Why paid professionals?
A unique combination of skills
Only paid professionals in public libraries:
• Guarantee quality levels and consistency of service delivery
• Use their specialist skills to:
1) Help others find and interpret information
2) Assist others to develop information handling skills, i.e. information literacy
3) Provide knowledge and access to all available resources
4) Work with children, those with literacy problems, and other disadvantaged groups
5) Guide libraries towards the provision of new digital information services
6) Work with local partners including schools, health trusts and the police to benefit the whole community e.g. promoting health and wellbeing within the local community
• Work with national partners to develop initiatives which enhance and extend the library service: e.g. The Summer Reading Challenge, Peoples Network, BIG Lottery, a partnership with the BBC encouraging adult literacy, a partnership with the NHS providing access to health information.
Librarians change lives
When people talk about how public libraries have changed their lives, they always emphasise the importance of library staff. Library staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and trusted. They are not intimidating in the way other professionals can be. But just because they are unassuming, do not assume they are unimportant. It is the library staff who bring the library to life.

With thanks to CILIP – the Chartered Institute for Library & Information Professionals. To read more about the KPMG report go to:


Literary Quotes!

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Seen in the window of a popular Hereford camping and sports shop:

“Now is the season of our discount tents!” (with apologies to Shakespeare – Richard lll, Act 1, Scene 1 )


Who looks at our website?

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The HLUG website was launched in June 2007 and our busiest day was July 6th 2007 with 94 hits to the site. Since then, things have calmed down a bit but we have had a total of 10,037 views so far so we must be doing something right. The site is hosted by WordPress, an American host which has improved immensely since I first started using it in 2007. For instance, it used to be quite complicated to add a photograph to the site, now a few clicks and there it is…positioned exactly where requested and in any size within reason. It is easy to post from Word and Adobe Photoshop, though Publisher is slightly more complicated. But, no matter, the site is relatively easy to edit and it is now much easier to add links, video clips and illustrations.

The host also provides very useful statistics and it is possible to view or print these out a month at a time. We began September 2010 with 17 views which rose to 23 by September 6th, and down to 2 on September 12th. But things soon picked up again and by the 23rd of the month we were back up to 22 views per day. I can discover what exactly viewers clicked on and there seems to be a number of blogs on the site which are viewed over and over again. Incidentally, my own visits to the site in order to complete any editing are not counted in the statistics.

For instance, in the past week, in no particular order, these seem to be:

  • Who we are (23 views)
  • How might Hereford’s new library look and how might it operate? (12 views)
  • The Norfolk and Norwich Millenium Library (8 views)
  • European Libraries – a visit to Zurich University Library (2 views)
  • Oxford University Project X (boys’ reading project which attracted 2 views)
  • Items on Sony e-readers (2 views)
  • Newcastle Library – an example for Hereford? (2 views)
  • Your editor (1 View)

Any spam is filtered out very successfully and my only gripe is that readers don’t post many comments. On one occasion, I had to appeal to members of the Committee so send me comments to make sure that everything on the site was working properly! It was, so please don’t hesitate to comment or add to the blog if you feel so inclined. Other blogs which are popular are those on reading groups and popular quotes, but surprisingly, very few in-comers to our site seem to have accessed the articles about e-readers and digital libraries. Does this say something about Herefordshire?

Anyway, we have a total of 104 posts on varying topics so far – there ought to be more, but lots of stuff appears in sources such as the Guardian, Times, Bookseller and other library blogs so I try not to repeat it. But I don’t like being too parochial either so we have a healthy mix of local, national and international news stretching as far away as Australia and New Zealand with links to various related sites. Older items are archived but can be brought to light by searching on appropriate terms in the search box in the right-hand column.

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