Hereford Library Users' Group

Amended Constitution-15 May 2017



Approved at the Annual General Meeting on 15th May l 2017

Art.1. Name. The name of the organisation shall be The Hereford Library Users Group.

Art.2 Objectives. The objective of the Group shall be to promote continuous improvement in the services provided by the Herefordshire Library and information Service and, in particular for Hereford and to campaign for the construction of a new facility being a library and cultural centre for Hereford and Herefordshire.

To achieve this objective HLUG may as circumstances dictate, set up or engage suitable special teams and organisations to carry out defined tasks. Such organisations shall act as independent corporate bodies. They shall report on a regular basis to the Hereford Library Users Group Committee

Art.3 Membership. Membership shall be open to all users of Hereford Library. with an annual subscription to be determined and agreed at the AGM.

Art.4 Management. The management of the Group’s affairs shall be entrusted by the general membership at the appropriate Annual General Meeting to an elected committee comprising not more than eleven members. This committee shall be called the Hereford Library Users Group Committee and the members at the AGM shall elect a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer. Where appropriate one person may discharge two of these functions. A quorum of the committee shall be not less than four members and the chairman shall, if necessary, have a casting vote.

Art.5 Meetings. The Hereford Library Users’ Group shall meet at intervals determined by the Committee as circumstances make this necessary. The first meeting in each calendar year shall be deemed to be the Annual General Meeting, at which the chairman will give a report on the past year’s activities.

Art.6 Finance. The treasurer shall maintain records of all the Group’s financial transactions and shall submit a report to the Group at the Annual General Meeting.

The Group shall be financed by membership fees and fundraising activities, subject to the acceptance by the membership of the treasurer’s report at the Annual General Meeting.

The Group shall accept unconditional donations from any source whose aims are consistent with the objects stated in Art.2

The Group may not make loans to, or accept loans from, private individuals. All expenses specifically approved and incurred on behalf of the Group shall be repaid on submission of the appropriate signed and dated invoice.

The income of the Group shall be applied solely towards achieving the objects as set out in Art.2

The financial year shall end on December 31st each year.

Art.7 Changes to this constitution. Any member may propose changes to the constitution. Duly seconded, such proposals must be submitted to the Chairman and circulated to all members four weeks before the next General Meeting, either Annual or Extraordinary and called for the purpose where they will be discussed and decided by a simple majority.

Art.8 Winding up. In the event of dissolution or winding up of the Group, any remaining assets shall be transferred to an organisation supporting the objectives in Article 2 or in the absence of such to The Library Campaign.


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