Hereford Library Users' Group

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As our title suggests, we are a group of regular library users of all age groups whose aims, as the voice of the public, are:

  • to assist library staff and managers to achieve and maintain top quality library and information services in the city of Hereford, the main central location for the whole county.

  • to maintain a high profile for the library and information services among all county residents.

  • to work towards the planning and building of the new HQ for library and information services in Hereford.

 Come along and join our lively and active group

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What you can do to help with the campaign for a new library in Hereford:

Contact your local Councillors to find out what they think and press them to support action for a new library.

  • Argue vigorously about the importance to Herefordshire of having a vibrant network of libraries.
  • Write to the press about your needs for a new library – not just for yourself, but for your children and the community. A good library is a vital educational tool.*
  • Lobby anyone whom you think might influence a decision, starting with your local Councillor,  and MP.

Your Current Chairman is  Mr. William McMorran, a well known local architect.

N.B. The views expressed on this website are not necessarily those of Hereford Library Management, nor of Herefordshire Council.

Messages for the Editor may be sent to


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